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CIEL/SEL/22904: Research Analyst in LCMS HPLC SFC in CRO Industry - Kolkata
Kolkata . West Bengal . India
Posted 837 days ago
Job Summary

Research Analyst in LCMS HPLC SFC in CRO Industry - Kolkata


For LCMS: The candidate should have hands-on experience on Waters UPLC MS and should know Software Mass lynx. Preferably 3-5 yrs of experience of LCMS in CRO

For HPLC: The candidate should have hands-on experience on HPLC (Agilent and Waters), and should have good Method Development skill for small molecules. Should be aware of Calibration of instrument and have experience of resolving instrument troubleshooting. Preferably 3-5 yrs of experience of HPLC in Pharma / CRO

For SFC : As a Purification Chemist candidate has to execute purity assessment, conduct small scale preparative chromatography and support the purification groups in Chiral purification using Supercritical Fluid Chromatography (SFC), Achiral purification using low and high pH HPLC. Running analytical and prep SFC. Method development for Achiral and Chiral compounds. Hands-on experience of SFC in the industry for 5 to 6 yrs. Experience in the purification of small molecules by normal phase chromatography


"research analyst", LCMS, HPLC, "Mass lynk", "method development", calibration, "Supercritical Fluid Chromatography", sfc
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Balaswamy P
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